Tree & Shrub Growers: Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs

Tree & Shrub Growers: Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs
Join Tree & Shrub Growers in September for a presentation by Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs

Tree & Shrub Growers: September Meeting

Presentation by Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs


Established in 2008, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs is one of Australia’s leading fresh garnishing companies that has continually innovated by employing novel growing approaches to produce their sought after products.

Executive Director Jan Vydra and Horticulture director William Pham have developed the business into one that produces more than 150,000 bunches, pots and punnets a week across over 50 varieties of garnishing produce from herbs, micro greens, edible flowers to specialty produce, which are available through major retailers, independent supermarkets, green grocers and wholesale distributors around Australia.  

Currently farming under 30,000 Sqm of greenhouse with the operations setup across two site Clyde and Devon Meadows in Victoria, Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs Welcome the Tree & Shrub Growers of Victoria.

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Tour: 5pm @ 16 Stanley Rd, Devon Meadows
Dinner: Amstel Club, 1000 Cranbourne Frankston Road, Cranbourne.  

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26/09/2017 5:00 PM - 26/09/2017 9:00 PM
Tour Begins 5pm: 16 Stanley Road
Devon Meadows,

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