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NGIV Trade Day Visitor Registration 2023
NGIV Trade Day Visitor Registration 2023
Entomology Short Course
The course is presented on-line (using Zoom) by Dr Paul Horne, one of the leading Australian practitioners of Integrated Pest Management. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in insects and related invertebrates, with the Applied Entomology course particularly suited to those wanting to know more about options for controlling invertebrate pests in agriculture.

When: November 13–30, 2023
Australian Horticultural Trials: Breakfast at Ball
To coincide with a week viewing the latest innovations in the Australian horticultural industry, the Tree and Shrub Growers of Victoria invite you to join them for the ‘Trials Week’ Breakfast being held at Ball Australia.

When: December 6, 2023
Where: Skye
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Both full and refresher course is available.

When: December 7–8, 2023
Where: Hallam, VIC
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