How to Have Superb Azaleas

Azaleas are one of the most widely grown plants in the world, and deservedly so. They will make a wonderful impact in your garden as feature or border plants and are ideally suited to container growing. There are colours to fit into any garden colour scheme. Fact Sheet

How to Grow Camellia Japonica and Other Species

Camellia Japonicas are robust, strong and handsome. Their dark green foliage looks good all year and adds a wonderful foil to surrounding shrubbery. In winter and spring you'll be absolutely delighted with an amazing display of flowers. Now, there's a good range of species and 'Miniature Flowered Camellias' available too, so do see the range. Fact Sheet

How to Grow Citrus Trees

To grow citrus trees successfully, there are a few basic requirements. Fact Sheet

How to Grow Flower Seedlings

Shrubs and trees are the foundation of your garden but seedlings provide that 'good to be alive' look with masses of colour for many months. Seedlings also provide variety and year long interest. Fact Sheet

Growing Vegetable Seedlings

The best way to put fresh and tasty vegetables on your table is to plant some wholesome varieties and nurture them with lots of T.L.C. Nothing beats the flavour and freshness of vegetables picked from your own garden. Fact Sheet

How to Care for your Roses

Modern roses are very easy to grow and Garden Centres have varieties to suit almost any need. Fact Sheet

How to Prune your Roses

Roses will grow well and produce better flowers if correctly pruned. Pruning is not a daunting task but should be approached with a few simple points in mind. Fact Sheet

Preventing and Treating Heat Damage in the Garden

Fact Sheet

Attracting Butterflies to your Garden

Fact Sheet