What makes Trials Week so special? 

With the 2020 Australian Horticultural Trials Week just around the corner, we thought we'd ask some of the key figures from this year's exhibitors - what makes Trials Week so special?

“Australian Horticultural Trials week provides a great opportunity to see a range of plants from current favourite varieties and those performing well in the Australian market, to exciting new lines from the best propagators and growers in Australia. It is a great time to network with industry colleagues, customers and suppliers from all over Australia and overseas.”

Symone Brown, Operations Manager Tissue Culture Australia

“Trials Week keeps our industry connected and extends the opportunity for us to network with our growers and retailers, showcasing the breeding of new varieties suitable for local garden centres and landscapers Australia wide. Ball Australia has established long standing relationships with international breeders to develop a common objective of bringing the best to the Australian market for the Australia consumer. Overall Ball Australia’s continual goal is to ‘Colour The World’ and our garden trials help to deliver this.”

Kate Grant, Marketing Manager Ball Australia

“The Australian Horticultural Trials Week is a great way for the industry to visit propagators and see all the new products coming through for the following season. Nurseries can take their key growers/staff out for the day and talk to specialised propagators and get some tips. You always learn something when speaking to fellow industry people. Whether it be a growing tip, a new product or a new concept it is worthwhile.”

Matt Curtis, Operations Manager, Majestic Young Plants

“The Australian Horticultural Trials week is a very special event as it involves, and benefits all involved in Horticulture across the country. It is not only a great stage to showcase innovative new genetics, share trial results, landscaping & retailing ideas and also market trends from across Europe and the US, but is also an excellent event for broadening and strengthening the horticultural network. It is a great opportunity to learn from others, accelerates knowledge sharing and develop partnerships. It has been good to see individuals, new to the industry, get involved and begin to realise the scope, magnitude and diversity of our industry and the businesses involved.”

Brendan Haar, Haars Nursery

“Australian Horticultural Trials Week is a fantastic opportunity for growers and retailers to view the latest innovations in not only plant breeding but also allied products and technology. This allows attendees to have the latest knowledge and stay abreast with global trends. There are also great benefits of catching with peers from across the industry and visiting some really interesting facilities. A week not to be missed if you want to stay ahead of the competition!”

Simon Gomme, Director Powerplants Australia

We'll be sharing more Trials Week updates in the coming days, including the Australian Horticultural Trials Week website, where you'll be able to follow all the action.