Trade Day Buyers and Members


Why BUYERS have to be part of the new trade day

  • Access NGIV Trade Day communications; including stand holder list and special offers

  • Free annual subscription to NGIV’s industry magazine, Groundswell

  • Four Trade Day Cards to share the experience with colleagues

  • Free trolley hire at every trade day

  • Enjoy the comfort of a fully enclosed pavilion

A Trade Day Buyer membership is only $275 per year and is inclusive of trolley hire for the year


Why MEMBERS have to be part of the new trade day

  • As well as accessing everything our buyers receive, full NGIV members will also tap into: 

  • Access to Members Lounge

  • Priority/VIP parking for retail members

  • Early access to the venue on trade day

  • NGIV are exploring options to provide assistance with plant handling and movement

NGIV Trade Day is open to NGIV Members and approved horticulture buyers only. It is not open to the general public.

Trading will take place between 7:00 – 11:00am, with no stock being collected from stand holders until 8:00am. 


Application Form:

To become a Trade Day Buyer download the application form here . Complete and submit form to NGIV, along with your ABN and payment, either by email to [email protected] or by mail.


Terms and Conditions:

We suggest that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as once payment has been received you agree to be bound by them. The terms and conditions form part of your Buyer's Contract. Download the terms and conditions here     

Trade Day Cards:

To access Trade Day you must be wearing your NGIV Trade Day card.


Buyer Bump In:

  • All vehicles to enter the KCC park site off Westernport Highway and follow the one-way system along the paddock towards the pavilion where you will be stopped and checked in by an NGIV staff Member.

  • An NGIV staff member will direct buyers to the eastern carpark, gravel carpark or the paddock carparks depending on vehicle type.

  • Buyers will be permitted entry into the eastern carpark but recommended not to arrive prior to 6am (to avoid unnecessary congestion for stand holder trucks).

  • No cars to be parked in the southern and eastern carpark unless there is a valid reason to do so, i.e., disabled carparking. Please contact NGIV should you have any queries.

  • The carparks directly adjacent to the pavilion are restricted to stand holders only.

  • Additional parking for larger vehicles is available in the area marked overflow carpark.

  • Prior to 6am the southern and eastern island carparks are to remain empty and will only be permitted to park in post 6am.

View the Site Plan  to understand parking options and traffic flow, and the overall layout of the site.