Tree & Shrub Growers Meeting: Plant Health

Tree & Shrub Growers Meeting: Plant Health
Come and join Garden City Plastics for their showcase on plant health.


Tree & Shrub Growers Meeting: Plant Health

The August Tree and Shrub Growers meeting will focus on plant health. Proudly presented by Garden City Plastics, the event will cover aspects of crop production, from sowing seeds/cutting to bio-stimulants and fertilising. 

 The event will start with a mini trade show, where exhibitors will have the opportunity to show you the latest products, exhibitors include:

  • Jiffy 

  • Organic Crop Protectants

  • Powerplants Australia

  • ICL (Osmocote)

  • Seasol

  • Grayson Australia

The group will hear from a number of guest speakers as the discuss their areas of expertise when it comes to plant health. This will then be followed by a Q&A panel, where the speakers will answer questions from the audience. The guest speakers include:

Alecia Green - Jiffy Substrates
Alecia will discuss the Jiffy range of propagation media.

Jason Hingston - Organic Crop Protectants
Jason will present information on bio-stimulants and their importance in plant health and propagation.

Josh Eagles - Grayson Australia
Josh will be looking at smoke water treatments for seed sowing and germination.

David Franklin - ICL (Osmocote)
David will be discussing how fertilisers can give you the best results at different stage of plant growth.

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To register for this event, you will need to login into your account. All members have had accounts created for them, so if you are unsure of your login details or would like to register a staff member who is not currently list under your business please contact the NGIV office on (03) 9576 0599.
22/08/2017 5:00 PM - 22/08/2017 8:30 PM
ATURA Dandenong
1 Doveton Avenue
Doveton, VIC 3177

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