Insect & Mite Identification & Management

Insect & Mite Identification & Management
What’s that insect? Is it damaging my crop? What should I do about it?

In collaboration with NGIV, the Queensland Department of Agriculture (DAF) will deliver a workshop on identifying pest and predator insects and mites, their damage and how to manage them. This is an excellent opportunity for new staff to learn how to recognise pests and a great refresher for staff who have completed similar courses in the past.

DAF entomologists and pathologists will present an informative workshop designed for production nurseries to assist nursery producers build capacity in the area of integrated pest management (IPM). A range of topics will be covered, including:
Using IPM to protect plants from key pests.
How to modify crop production to reduce pest pressure.
How to use pesticides within an IPM program.
The physiology behind pesticide mode of action.
How to effectively manage pesticides to reduce resistance.
New biological control agents for production nurseries.
How to identify key pests and beneficials.
Getting the most out of industry resources, e.g. the nursery FMS.
Please bring the following:
Plants that have an unknown problem. As much as possible, seal in a bag or box that contains the sample – we do not want to spread pests or diseases.
Sticky traps with insects you want to identify.
The workshop will be delivered by DAF entomologists and pathologists as part of the co-funded DAF, HIA and levy funded project “Building the resilience and on-farm biosecurity capacity of the Australian production nursery industry.”
6/19/2019 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Parkswide - City of Whitehorse 82 Jolimont Rd Forest Hill VIC 3131 AUSTRALIA

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