Bring your career to life: choose horticulture

A career in horticulture is more than a job. It’s your chance to play a part in caring for the health of our planet when it needs it most. Your work will contribute towards a healthier, happier society for all of us. You’ll be entering an industry that is full of opportunity and variety; once you start learning you’ll never stop.

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Choose a career for life

You will enter an exciting and diverse industry full of opportunity; one that allows you to move through different fields, learning as you go, enjoying a career for life. The only question is where to start?

For the outdors enthusiast

Horticulturist, Nursery Assistant, Nursery Grower, Plant Propagator, Irrigation Technician, Horticultural Technician, Plant Breeder, Tissue Culture Specialist, Floriculturist, Retail Nursery Worker, Landscape Gardener, Parks Officer, Urban Forester, Groundskeeper, Horticultural Consultant, Green Wall/Roof Specialist, Bushland Officer, Turf Grower, Gardener, Sports Turf Curator, Horticultural Manager, Arborist, Forestry Worker

For the scientists

Agronomist, Botanist, Extension Officer, Environmental Scientist, Horticultural Scientist, Entomologist, Plant Pathologist, Biosecurity Officer, Horticultural Researcher, Educator

For the tech lovers

Engineer, Welder, Mechanic, IT Engineer, Robotics Technician, Precision Agriculture Consultant, Research & Development, Tractor/Forklift Operator, Machinery Operator, Spray Technician

For the environmentalist

Arborist, Biologist, Botanist, Forestry Worker, Landscape Designer, Landscape Architect, Natural Landscape Manager, Scientist, Urban Forester, Horticultural Therapist, Horticultural Consultant

For the creatives

Marketer, Graphic Designer, Brand Specialist, Landscape Designer, Landscape Architect, Horticultural Journalist, Horticultural Therapist, Radio Broadcaster, Plant Blogger, Social Media Strategist

For the leaders

Open Space Manager, Grower Integration Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Business Manager, Human Resources Manager, Retail Manager, Product Development Manager, Business Owner, Plant Production Manager, Urban Forest Manager, Pest Health Manager, Purchasing Officer

For the number crunchers

Agricultural Economist, Logistics Scheduler, Quality Assurance, Accountant, Contract Manager, Payroll Officer, Occupational Health and Safety Representatives


Enjoy all the benefits


Choosing horticulture will provide you with so much more than just a job

  • Work in incredible outdoor spaces
  • Enjoy a closer connection to nature
  • Learn from the best
  • Never stop learning
  • Create and nurture new life
  • Work with like-minded individuals
  • Enjoy the physical and mental benefits of working with greenlife
  • Be at the cutting edge of technology
  • Enjoy flexible work practices


    Not to mention providing for others

  • Be part of the solution to eliminate climate change
  • Play your part in the essential food supply chain
  • Protect native habitats, flora and fauna
  • Bring imagined landscapes to life
  • Contribute to the wellbeing and joy of others
  • Push the boundaries of science and technology


Listen to the experts

You’ll be joining a proud and passionate workforce. Victoria’s horticulturalists are skilled, innovative and experts in their field.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of the characters from our industry had to say about choosing horticulture.

Mani Swift - Apprentice Grower, Ball Australia

"Beginning my career in horticulture was a great decision. I am coming towards the end of my apprenticeship and have loved every second of it. Being able to do what you enjoy as a job makes you look forward to work every day and the opportunities that have risen in this field of work so far have been amazing."

Liam White - Nursery Hand at Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery

"I moved into the horticulture industry later in my work life as a career change. I love working outside with my hands, problem-solving and trying to better understand how to get the best from the plants I’m working with. I think horticulture has a big part to play in tackling some of the big challenges of our time, like climate change, and I’m looking forward to playing my part."

Ben Scoble - Nursery Manager, Speciality Trees

"A keen interest in plants, especially trees, led me into the nursery industry from landscape gardening; 20 years later that interest hasn’t wavered.  The Horticulture Industry continues to regularly provide me with diverse opportunities to fuel that interest. It has sent me all over the world and introduced me to amazing technologies, people and places.  Now I work amongst 60 acres of trees in a picturesque location and my job satisfaction is always at a high knowing the trees we produce can significantly impact us and the environment we live in."


Join an industry going from strength to strength

Horticulture in Australia is booming. Gardening, sustainability, wellbeing and food production have all captured the public imagination, leading to unparalleled growth of our industry.  

The Victorian industry is worth over $1.6 billion, employing over 11,000 people and producing over 1/3 of all plants in Australia. You’ll be entering Australia’s horticultural powerhouse.

Learn to grow today


Horticulture industry education and training is hands-on and practical. You’ll be learning from the best every day. And once you start learning you can keep adding to your qualifications as you work. Once you’re up to speed in one field you can start digging a little deeperand become a specialist in other areas.

There are two main pathways to enter the horticulture industry; applying for an apprenticeship within a business or gaining a formal qualification from an educational institute.

Option 1 – An Apprenticeship

Many horticulture businesses prefer to hire apprentices into general roles and upskill them internally. Workers will gain experience across the business before moving into skilled roles in a specific stream of work. Explore existing NGIV member employment opportunities at -

Option 2 – Education

There are 16 nursery related courses on the Vocational Education and Training (VET) funded course list, of which seven are particularly valued within the industry.

Apprenticeship valued courses 

Certificate III in Production Nursery and Certificate III in Retail Nursery

Other courses valued by the industry
Certificate II in Horticulture, Cert III in Horticulture, Cert IV in Production Nursery, Certificate IV in Horticulture, Diploma of Horticulture

Find the right course for you at -

Contact the NGIV office for more advice - +61 3 9576 0599 or email