Industry Awards

Each year the NGIV celebrates the achievements of those working in the industry and presents the winners at the Annual Gala Dinner. 

Applications are now open for the Young Horticulture Leader of the Year Award and the Horticulture Student of the Year Award and close on the 28th May 2021.

The Horticulture Student of the Year Award  is presented to a student of any age who is currently enrolled and studying for an apprenticeship or training course within the horticulture sector that leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

The Young Horticulture Leader of the Year Award  recognises Victoria’s up-and-coming horticultural talent. This person may only just be starting out in their career, but have displayed the capability, commitment, and vision, to become a future leader.

If you are eligible, or you know someone in the industry that is, be sure to apply. Applications can be sent as a Word document to [email protected]