Industry Awards

The NGIV celebrates the achievements of those working in the industry.

Recent award winners will be recognised here. 

Presidents Distinguished award 2016
David Howard of Bay Road Nursery

This award recognises an individual that has made a significant contribution to the association and the industry over an extended period of time and has done so freely, willingly and selflessly going the extra mile on a regular basis. David has been a President on the NGIV Board since 2012. He has been an active contributor to the national scene and will continue in this capacity. He loves MIFGS and was instrumental in establishing the 60/40 profit split with the Victorian Farmers Federation. 

Presidents Distinguished award 2016
Deter Wilkins of TGA Australia

Peter has been a major contributor to MIFGS for many years, particularly in the area of judging. He has been on the judging panel for near on seven years, acting as Head Judge for the last three. In the area of judging he has:

  • Raised the standard of judging 

  • Implemented reviews on the process and criteria for judging

  • Increased structure to the judging process

  • Nurtured/inducted a number of new judges

Stepping down from the judging panel in 2017, it was befitting that the 2016 NGIV President’s Distinguished Service Award be presented to Peter.

Award of Merit 2016
Dawn and Don Fleming

Their family’s nursery was established in the Dandenong Ranges in the early 1900s. A business that has been considered one of the largest nurseries in Australia. In the early 1980s the nursery was passed onto the next generation, and a few years later Don and Dawn took over the management and ownership of the business from Don’s brothers. 

Don started his horticultural career at just thirteen. He has strong understanding of machinery, land development and conservation. A skills set that saw their nursery thrive during one of the toughest droughts that Victoria has seen. He was responsible for the initiation of the private quarantine house system in Australia. Played a major role in shaping the orchard industry in Australia. Much of the fruit that we buy today in our supermarkets would not be here without the programs and relationships that he developed. He is very humble, very much shies away from public recognition and attention, preferring to be the quiet achiever. 

Dawn is a well-known identity amongst the horticultural industry; her peers often describe her as the matriarch of our industry. Her exceptional marketing and photography skills have created some of the most impressive marketing campaigns and product launches the industry has ever seen. To this day we all still know and remember ‘Ballerina Apples’.

She has been a tireless advocate for the nursery and garden industry and her strong passion and commitment to supporting women in horticulture is truly admirable. 

The key to their success was that they shared a vision and were determined to fulfil their dreams. Even today, many years after the nursery has solidified itself as one of Australia’s leading fruit and ornamental tree growers, their passion for the industry has not waned. 
Today the couple are enjoying retirement and watching on as their family continue to grow the business. Following in their footsteps, are their 3 children and 7 grandchildren who are all extremely active in the industry. 

Tree and Shrub Growers of Victoria Scholarship 2016
Matthew Greaves of Plant Growers Australia

This award is presented to a student who is currently enrolled and studying in an apprenticeship or training course within the horticulture sector. A student who has shown a willingness to contribute to the industry, share learning experiences and is considered an emerging leader in horticulture. Matthew is a studious and outgoing student who is passionate about horticulture and the way it can be beneficial to the well being of society. He is interested in the entire industry and will often do extra research in his own time to further his knowledge in areas of his interest. He has been learning his craft at Swinburne University of Technology, while completing his apprentice with Plant Growers Australia. 

NextGen Apprentice of the Year 2016
Mark Quenault of Plantmark

This award goes to a student with the ability to represent the Victorian nursery and garden industry at a broader level, a student who shows outstanding communication and leadership skills and has demonstrated excellent career and study achievements. Mark is a diligent student who has achieved excellent results in all areas of his study. He is admired by all the Swinburne University of Technology teaching staff and respected by all students in his class. He has achieved these wonderful results due to hard work, commitment and dedication at both school and work. Currently working at Plantmark, he is also highly regarded by staff and customers. He has been given responsibility for certain areas within the organisation, which is testament to how regarded he is as a second-year apprentice.

Recognition of Service Awards 2016
John Warner of Warners Nurseries

John has been part of a successful dynasty of wholesalers, with a myriad of outstanding individuals leading the business over decades, and we, industry talk about John in a similar character. He joined the NGIV Board in 2012 and has served under the Chairmanship of Glenn Fenton and David Howard. He served on various committees including the research and development and Trade day and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the board, which he is willing share. He brings an open mind to any debate, and thinks through issues methodically and strategically to benefit the entire industry, not just wholesale.

Recognition of Service Awards 2016
David Howard of Bay Road Nursery

David is a true leader, who continues to give and will do anything for the industry. Having served for near on 10 years for his beloved industry, he received this award as a token of recognition and appreciation for his service to the industry.

Recognition of Service Awards 2016
Hamish Mitchell of Speciality Trees

Having over 36 years’ experience in amenity horticulture, plant management, production and development, Hamish was well placed to talk about the benefits of our industry, which he does effortlessly and passionately. When he is not overseeing his business, chances are he is immersed in the national green industry agenda with both national and HIA, representing the nursery industry and businesses like his, fighting for greater profile and recognition for quality product. Big on giving back to the industry, he has spent a great deal of time discussing issues and opportunities confronting the industry, giving a fair chunk of his time to panels and committees along the way.  As a snapshot, he is currently on the Nursery Industry Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP), was chair of the Environment and Technical Committee, is a past president of Landscaping Victoria and up until 2 weeks ago, a of Nursery & Garden Industry Australia. 

Recognition of Industry Support 2016

Yates Australia has been a fantastic support to the industry, particularly through the major sponsorship of the Tree and Shrub Growers at MIFGS over a ten-year period. This was a significant partnership that brought together one of the largest horticultural businesses in Australia with the largest industry group of plant producers, and enabled the industry to inspire gardeners and promote key messages around the health and wellbeing benefits of plants.

The Yates and Tree and Shrub Growers Vic partnership at MIFGS proved extremely successful, achieving many prestigious awards including two clean sweeps of the major awards – City of Melbourne Award of Excellence for Best in Show, Horticultural Media Association Best Use of Plant Life and Gold Outdoor Exhibit in 2010 and 2012, and a further HMA award and two Gold Medals. These highly sought after awards recognised the outstanding teamwork, design and construction of the exhibits which have become a ‘must see’ at the show.