The original 'Grow Me Instead' guide developed by the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT (NGINA) has now been extended as a national program by the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA), in partnership with the federal government, to reduce the numbers and impact of invasive plants in Australia.

Victoria is home to many national parks and state forest areas. It is of paramount importance that sound plant advice is sought before planting adjacent to these sensitive areas. Consideration must be given to appropriate plant choice as birds and other animals can distribute seeds into nearby bush-land and natural areas causing immeasurable destruction of natural habitat.

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Plants and trees cool our cities and they reduce pollution. They get us out and about and make us healthier, happier and more productive.

Yet, too often, they are overlooked when plans are drawn and concrete is poured. 

We have a plan to change that. 

202020 is a plan to incorporate more greenlife into urban areas by the 2020.

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You are probably familiar with the term “Work/Life Balance”… Well have you ever considered the current state of your “Plant/Life Balance”?

DEFINITION: Plant/Life Balance - noun

A broad concept evaluating the amount of plant life in your life and the inherent environmental, financial, social and physical and mental wellbeing benefits that it offers.

Plant Life Balance aims to promote the benefits that green life has on our lives and to ask everyone to plant more trees please.

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