Your Business Fire Readiness Plan

Understanding your risks and responsibilities, and planning what you will do now will help you respond in the best possible way. The attached resource kit has been developed by the CFA to help you understand your local risks, prepare your business and your employees, identify your triggers to act, understand how to inform customers and undertake planning.

For nurseries in particular keep in mind the following:

Fuel reduction

  • Keep fuel loads to a bare minimum around house blocks, sheds and other assets

  • Maintain slashed or mown fuel breaks to a width of at least 3 metres


  • Check and clean machinery thoroughly before using for the first time

  • Equip large machinery with appropriate fire extinguishers

  • Think twice before grinding, welding or slashing on hot, dry, windy days

  • Take regular breaks to check for grass build-up and overheating bearings


  • Always register your burns: call 1800 668 511 or email

  • Never leave a burn-off unattended

  • Always have resources on hand to contain the fire if necessary

Emergency services access

  • Make sure your property name and number are clearly visible from both directions at the property entrance

  • Make sure a truck can turn around in access tracks near to house blocks, sheds and fences

  • Clearly mark all water supplies and ensure water tanks have CFA compatible fittings

Be prepared to act quickly in response to fire

  • Have essential items prepared and ready to go: medications, bottled water, first aid kit, photos, valuables, a battery-powered radio, 100% woollen blankets and essentials for your pets

  • Scan important documents including current inventories onto a CD or memory stick and keep a copy stored off your property

  • Keep important contact numbers (family, neighbours and insurance) in an easy to access place

For more information on fire and evacuation, consult your local fire authority (MFB or CFA), local council or shire.

Download the CFA Business Fire Ready Kit here.