Workplace Directions

Employers for Permitted Work Premises are only permitted to have employees on-site if the employer and employee comply with the Workplace Directions. The directions came into force at 11:59pm on 5 August 2020 and are designed to limit the number of Victorians attending Work Premises.

Below are some key take aways from the directions, employers must:

  • Have staff work from home if they can
  • comply with the directions (exemption list)
  • comply with this legislation
  • must have workers wear face coverings, except if
    • in an outdoor space provided no one else is in the area (except family member form same residence). For example, a famer working alone in a field
    • in a vehicle by themselves (except family member form same residence)
  • have a covid plan and comply with it – except fewer than 5 workers
  • record all workers and visitors who attend for longer than 15 mins
    • first name
    • phone number
    • date and time
    • areas worked
  • Protect personal info and destroy this info following 28 days (this is an issue)
  • Comply with the density quotient
    • Number of people dividing the accessible space by 4 – example in the legislation
  • Take all reasonable steps to clean shared spaces
  • Must wipe with a disinfectant that has antiviral properties
  • Not have staff working while displaying symptoms (or confirmed case) w/ steps listed inc. keeping records and undertaking a risk assessment w/ example given

View the complete Workplace Directions