Trade Day Progress Update

Since learning that our Trade Day does not have a long-term future at Caribbean Gardens, a consultation and engagement process has been ongoing to understand the needs of our members for the next evolution of NGIV Trade Day. 

Over 150 of our members took part in a survey and we have engaged directly with 60 of our stand holders.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. NGIV have been met with a lot of support and there is a strong affection for the industry and concern for the future of this historic event. Those detailed results have been shared with the NGIV Board. 

I also want to highlight that although the past year has seen a boom in public demand for plant life that has benefitted many within the industry, it has been an incredibly challenging year for your industry body, with our revenue streams under severe pressure.

With that in mind, we ask for your continued support and ongoing commitment as we transition Trade Day. This event is as important to the NGIV as it is to the participants that rely on it each month.

The below is a summary of what you have told us, what we know and what the next steps are.
1. Trade Day will continue beyond May 2021, but it will look different
2. The transition is being viewed as short term, with some key identified changes being introduced
3. We will endeavour to share our short-term plans with you as soon as practical
4. A long-term assessment is ongoing, with a blueprint for the long-term future to be shared before the end of 2021.

Here are some of the key messages you told us:

COVID-19 has reduced buyer attendance and forced them to explore alternative options
Growers have been struggling to keep up with demand, pre and post COVID-19, and their reliance on market has decreased 
The majority of our larger growers are committed to attending future Trade Day’s at least four times a year
The event is used for trading, networking and showcasing stock
There is a preference to maintain the current frequency, time and day of the current Trade Day offering
Monthly markets are important, but enhanced quarterly showcases are desirable
Smaller and country independent retailers mostly attend to buy
More buyers will attend if there are more stand holders on offer
There is room to improve the overall experience through the adjustment of operating rules and processes
Buyers would like a comprehensive list of attending stand holders prior to Trade Day  
Improvements to the logistical experience 

With the NGIV Board and the Working Committee we will look for opportunities to embed these suggestions into a future Trade Day offering, and commit to:

Undertake modelling that allows flexibility for stand holders to continue to contribute and commit to market, but maybe not every month
•      Review any additional benefits and experiences for Full Members 
•      Reassess the logistics of the bump-in/out and the buyer’s movements across the site
•      Consider suitable short-term venues preferably within the south east location. The three short-term options that are currently under review are:

- Sandown Racecourse
- KCC Dog Park 
- Caribbean Gardens (short-term extension)

Undertake a review of long-term venues and purposes, with site visits of any preferred venue(s)
Undertake further external engagement with other stakeholders.

I ask that you trust the process and we will keep you updated with any developments.

If you do have any urgent queries about this update you can contact me directly - 0417 337 349.

Craig Taberner, CEO NGIV.