Storm damage checklist and support

In the past 48 hours, Victoria experienced sustained storms with winds over 100 km/h. We have been made aware that some of our members were impacted.  

NGIV are reaching out to our members to understand if your business sustained any significant damage and determine whether we can provide any support or assistance.

If you have sustained significant damage to your site and/or stock, we suggest that you;

- Check your insurance policy to understand whether storm damage is covered

- Make a detailed record of the damage - where, what, how severe

- Take photos of any damage

- Estimate the dollar value of any damage incurred 

- Check your site for any potential risk or safety hazards to minimise future damage and protect your employees 

- Contact the NGIV office and provide us with the above details.

NGIV reached out to Agriculture Victoria, who have requested that we inform them of any storm damage suffered by our member businesses.