NGIV member offer for EvergreenConnect

Acknowledging the challenging time we are all currently experiencing, and the momentary postponement of the NGIV Trade Day, we are pleased to bring to our Members an offer from EvergreenConnect. EvergreenConnect is the leading nationwide online industry platform that ensures up to date plant sourcing and supply information is easily available to the wholesale and retail nursery market and landscape industries. They specialise in providing an efficient conduit of information between Production and Retail Nurseries whilst providing efficiencies for both growers and retailers in their everyday business operations.

NGIV and EvergreenConnect are offering:

For NGIV Full Members (Production Nurseries) - free access to the supplier version of the EvergreenConnect platform with free data upload of current your availability list
The best way to improve efficiency is to stop doing things twice. EvergreenConnect tools make it easy to maintain your current availability at the click of a button from any device, at any time. You can produce and send price lists in a variety of formats, or connect an online order button to digital marketing tools, significantly improving connection with your customers. Accurate data saves time and taking phone calls for stock you have already sold wastes time; yours and your customers.

For NGIV Full Members and Trade Day Buyers - free access to the purchaser version of the EvergreenConnect platform
EvergreenConnect offers one place for all trade customers to access accurate data on current plant availability. In the current climate, now more than ever, businesses need to work efficiently and EvergreenConnect’s ordering tools link you with wholesale nurseries stock lists and makes ordering easier. 

This offer is available until the 31st August 2020If you wish to accept this offer please email to register your interest and we will confirm your NGIV membership status and communicate this to Evergreen Connect. For more information please contact or refer to 

NGIV will cover associated fees until 31st August 2020, where businesses can then decide to continue or opt out.