Declared Weeds of Australia and Victoria

Weeds, or invasive plants, pose a serious threat to primary production and biodiversity across Australia. Many species have the potential to reduce agricultural productivity, displace native species, threaten social values and contribute significantly to land and water degradation. It is estimated that the annual cost of invasive plants to Australian agriculture is $4 billion through yield losses and product contamination. In 2006–07 an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey estimated the direct cost to agricultural businesses in Victoria of controlling invasive plants to be $253 million.

Thirty two Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) have been long agreed by Australian governments based on an assessment process that prioritised these weeds based on their invasiveness, potential for spread and environmental, social and economic impacts. For more information and to read about the thirty two Weeds of National significance head to the Weeds of Significance website.

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