April Trade Day Update

We wanted to keep you updated with the current status of April's Trade Day. We are currently seeking advice from the Victorian Government as to whether Trade Day falls within the category of 'Essential Gathering', and therefore can legally operate. 

In the event that it does go ahead it will be delivered in a different format to ensure we have taken the appropriate measures to minimise the risk to public health. We will look to minimise time on site, reduce number of attendees and ask that trading is conducted remotely. The market would effectively be run as a distribution centre. 

We advise trade day buyers to consider contacting your supplier to enquire about securing stock and delivery now, in the event that the market does not go ahead. 

If you are a trade day buyer or a stand holder, please do 
email us and let us know if you would attend in the event of April's Trade Day going ahead, 
note it would be in the ‘distribution centre format.’ 

Thanks for your understanding and we will update you as soon as we know anything more