A growing, united and sustainable industry providing services and solutions to support the growth of greenlife, which recognises our contribution to the health and well-being of the Victorian economy, its environments, communities and people.


To achieve our vision we have a mission. Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria is the peak body that fosters excellence in the horticultural industry and our mission is encapsulated under three key strategic themes:

  • desirable membership— attract and retain members because our membership offer is desirable

  • building better businesses — support our members to improve their business' professionalism, performance and profit

  • viable and sustainable industry — in a changing environment, effectively advocate for, promote and educate all stakeholders on behalf of our members.

Core Values

Our values are fundamental to everything we do to achieve our Vision and Mission. As an organisation we seek to:

  • act with transparency, honesty and integrity

  • be accountable for our actions and decisions

  • provide efficient, timely and welcoming service to all stakeholders.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

We're delighted to share with you the endorsed NGIV strategic plan. It sets out the 2020-2023 priorities for the association and provides an overview of the identified strategies and activities that will help deliver our three key strategic themes.

1. Desirable membership 

2. Building better businesses 

3. Viable and sustainable industry

View the plan