Victorian Schools Garden Awards


Victorian Schools Garden Awards (VSGA)encourages school communities to come together and get involved in the development of green spaces within their school environments. These gardens provide spaces where children may learn about produce gardens, biodiversity and sustainable practices, as well as providing a way to engage students, teachers, parents and the broader community.

The VSGA program comprises of:

a number of incentive grants to help schools get started on various outdoor activities and to encourage them, perhaps, to undertake something untried before;

a range of awards presented at the end of year which reflect these various activities and recognise the achievements of students and their school communities; and

professional development workshops for teachers, parents and volunteers on the basics of school gardens, sustainability and nature based education.

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Contact: VSGA Co-ordinator Tania Karamitos

Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria

Ph:   03 9576 0599